Back from almost everyone being sick, we do the 2014 Winter Anime preview show.


Show notes at otakudan.com




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In this new episode, we talk about anime shorts.  Show notes at otakudan.com



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We have no topic so we ended up talking about video games. show notes at Otakudan.com


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Here is our new yearly tradition of recommended get horror anime and manga for Halloween.

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Here is our reactions on the brand new fall anime season.  show notes at otakudan.com




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show notes are Otakudan.com





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In this new episode of O-Talk, we talk about the new upcoming anime. Special guest, Almirmiel from the Slashchat podcast. 




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Like the title says, we are back!

Full show notes at Otakudan.com

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It is a late show due to stuff. We talk about various topics and stuff. 

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Episode 72: Catching Up on Some Stuff

In this new episode of O-Talk, we really don't have a topic but touch back on past things in the spring anime season.


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