With the new winter anime season coming up, the O-Talk crew decided to do a preview show. 

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In this episode, we Talk about what video games we are currently playing and the topic evolves. 

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It's a new episode of O-Talk and we have no topic. Also, Jill talks about her new project!

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In this brand new Halloween themed episode of O-Talk, we give out our personal recommendations for horror anime, manga, and movies. SPOOKY!!!!!!!! 

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We talk about how Kill La Kill is the best show of the season and we talk about some other shows there too.

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It's the 2013 summer wrap up show!!!! 

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We do a preview show on the upcoming fall anime season. 

All show notes are on Otakudan.com

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In this new episode of O-Talk, Jill gives us all a great art lecture. We got to learn so many great things about art and art history. All show notes are on Otakudan.com

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Episode 57: Revenge of the No Topic

After a month break, we are back better than ever. In this episode of O-Talk, we talk about stuff and things. 

Show notes at Otakudan.com

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Episode 56: 2013 Summer Anime Season

In this episode, we cover the brand new summer anime season. 

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